Friday, April 6, 2012

Way down to Kokomo

I love traveling and visiting relatives and yesterday I spent most of my day driving down to Kokomo to visit my Grandmother for the weekend!
The drive through Michigan was absolutely beautiful. Many of the trees were in full bloom and covered in leaves! The sun was shining and the windows were down, a perfect drive!

However as soon as I hit Indiana it was nothing but corn fields! Once I got of the main highway I drove down a little country road for a good half an hour. The drive was very pretty and relaxing, I was the only one on the road!
A lot of the farmers were out with their big tractors working on the fields.  It was a lovely drive!

Shirt, forever 21. Skirt, Shoes, sunglasses, necklace Target.
When it comes to long car rides picking the right clothes to wear can be hard. You want your outfit to be cute yet comfortable! 
For my car ride I chose a simple cotton skirt and top. I try to avoid jeans because they are tight and hot! I also pick a pair of comfy easy to slip off shoes because I prefer to drive bare foot!
I never forget my ipod on long car trips and sunglasses, especially on the sunny day that I drove, are a must!

Friday Find!
I got lucky this week and found a whole adorable outfit for under $20!

I found this adorable black polka dot dress at Wet Seal, you cant see it in this picture but that back is open and is shaped like a heart. It is absolutely precious!

I found the belt at wet seal as well. It was on the sale rack for buy one get one free for $3! I got another adorable belt as well.

I found the shoes at target for $5.75 bringing the total outfit cost to just $18.75!
 I just love pairing red with black and white polka dots. They add a little pop and make the outfit even more adorable! I cannot wait for some warmer weather to wear this around!

Driving somewhere today? Take a moment to look out your window and appreciate the scenery!  

XOXO ~Jackie

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