Monday, April 9, 2012

My Long Weekend

 We made some homemade jam and oreo cheesecake balls!

I had a great long weekend at my grandmothers! I got to see a lot of my extended family and spend some time with the adorable Pixie up top. I also got to bring some homemade jam back with me to school. I will be having toast for breakfast quite a bit with this stuff!

I even got to see my dear cousin Rachel. Her poor foot was in a boot! For Easter Sunday I wore a dress that I found off of Ebay and I splurged on some Seychelles heels! I am in love <3

 Now it is back to school and studying. I cannot believe that there are only three more weeks left of school before summer! I am gonna have to start working on a summer to do list!

Have a moment! Make some homemade goodies, they will never fail to bring a smile!

 XOXO ~Jackie

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