Monday, April 2, 2012

Adventure is Out There

Happy Monday! Today I thought I would share a little piece of me, 
                                                My Adventure book!

I love keeping little keepsakes such as ticket stubs and cards and this is the place where I put it all! I also have my life’s to do in the journal that I continuously add and check things off! Take a look!

Obviously I still have a lot to do on my list! I am sure that as I accomplish some things I will be updating the book and putting it one here.

I highly recommended starting one if you even have the smallest of desires to do so! It is real simple and you can work on it or update it whenever you want to! It has also helped me accomplish more things on my to do list because I am just waiting to check if off on the list and make a page for it!

Getting Started:

I would suggest getting a non spiral journal. I got mine from target. 

I think that the bound work better because when working on my adventure book I find myself tugging at the paper as I was adding stickers or gluing pictures. If I had a spiral bound journal I would end up accidently ripping the pages out! 

I also made sure to invest in a lot of stickers! Stickers and other cute little nick nacks like buttons or ribbon make the creating more fun and help add a personal touch!I got mine from Michael's, Meijer, and any where I could find cute stickers on sale!

When starting your first few pages make sure to leave room for your list so you can add on as you learn about more adventures!  Have fun with it and remember...

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