Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Trolly

Happy Friday!!

Today was our new school president's inauguration so there was a lot of cool stuff on campus. One of my favorite things were the Trollies!

They were here to shuttle some of the families from the church downtown to Campus. They are just so elegant!

 Never mind my goofy face, but I loved my outfit today! It was perfect for a spring day that was a little more chilly. I got my heart cardigan and black shirt from forever 21and the purple skirt from Target. I wore some cute pale pink flats!

I cannot believe that it is Friday! Only two weeks of school left then it is off to my mission trip in El Salvador!


Find of the Week!
 There is no doubt about it, Neon is in this spring. I have never been a fan of neon but when I saw this adorable skirt on sale at Target for just $8 bucks I just couldn't resist!

I saw the skirt on the racks two weeks before for $25 and just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on something that may be in fashion just for the season. However I waited it out and they were soon on sale! I found that it was because they are see through. Lucky for me I keep a slip laying around for all my thinner skirts and dresses! 


 I loved that it came with the bright belt too! I can easily match it to other outfits that I own. 
I found the turquoise sandals at Target and the pink ones at Forever 21. I just love the block color on the pink ones! Both of them I found for a mere $10 dollars!
 I cannot wait to mix and match these brights once it gets a little warmer here in Michigan!

 Have a GREAT weekend!

 XOXO ~Jackie

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