Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Love Letters

There is nothing that I love more than looking in my mail box and finding a letter for me from a friend or relative.  As easy as it is to keep in touch via phone or email, there is something special about a handwritten letter sent via snail mail.

My wonderful aunt Cheeri writes letter so to me all the time. I love writing her back and one way that I make the letters more personal is by making homemade envelopes!

To make one yourself you will need:
Glue, scissors, a writing utensil, the sized envelope that you want to make, and some pretty paper (I got mine at Michael's, I would use scrap booking paper because it is thicker, making your envelope more sturdy, and it is large enough to make the envelope).

Step one. Take the old envelope and carefully peal it open. Using a letter opener also helps prevent you from tearing the envelope up!

Step Two: Place the envelope on your paper so that the design is how you want it (I wanted my stripes to go right down the middle so had to adjust the placement a bit), and trace along the old envelope

Step 3. Cut your tracing out.

Step 4. Fold the sides in so that they line up along the edges  like shown.

Step 5. Glue the two side flaps on top of the bottom flap. To make sure I only got glue where I needed it, I traced along the edges of the side flaps so that when I opened them I could see where glue was needed. Then fold the sides and stick them tight: Viola! Your very own homemade envelopes!

I love getting letters in homemade envelopes in the mail. They are so colorful and pretty!

Have some spare time? Write someone you love a letter.

XOXO ~Jackie

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