Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leather Crochet Bracelet

The Boho style is in this season and one accessory that adds to any outfit are these adorable leather bracelets! They are very simple to make and make great gifts! Here is what you do:

Supplies needed: All you need are some leather cord and a crochet hook that you can find at any craft store. I got mine at michaels and my hook was a size 10.

Step 1: Begin with a simple slip not. For those who do not know how to:
A. Wrap the cord around the hook like shown. You want the small end in front and the long part behind.
B. Wrap the long part over the small, and being the hook like shown, there are now two loops on the hook.
C. Scoot the loop up so that the long cord is stuck in the hook. Pull the second loop over it and off the hook.
D. Tighten the knot that formed.
Step 2. Loop the long string behind and over the hook and bring it under the hook.
Step 3. Pull the loop over the string and hook, leaving one loop on the hook.
Step 4. Repeat step two and three until desired length is reached.
Step 5. Carefully take the bracelet off of the hook.
Step 6. If you pull the leftover cord, the bracelet will become completely undone. To prevent this take the end piece and pull it through the last loop made.
Step 7. Tighten this knot to finish off your bracelet!

If my steps are confusing there is a very good tutorial. All this bracelet is is a slip knot and a basic chain crochet, you could easily find it on google!

Fashion Advice: Bright yellow neon polos never look good. Could you tell that I was bored at work?!
XOXO ~Jackie

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