Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stylish Easter

Happy Saturday! Easter is tomorrow so I thought I would do a quick post on  some Easter styles that LOVE! What is even better about these cute styles is that they are adorable all spring and summer long! I cannot wait to wear my Easter day outfit tomorrow and head to church with the family! Below are some of my favorite styles for the season!

The Three Dresses above and the the left are perfect for Easter Sunday! They are cute yet modest for church and if the day ends up being chilly they can be easily covered with a cute pink or lace cardigan! I found the middle dress and the dress to the left at Forever 21 and found the dress on the left and right at modcloth. What is nice about the dresses is that they can easily be worn throughout the spring and summer!

No outfit is complete without shoes and accessories! Above are some adorable shoe options that I found at modcloth. I wish that I wasn't a poor college student so that I could afford these stylish pumps! To the right are some adorable accessories that I also found on modcloth! The bunny ring is my favorite! IT is just perfect for Easter! 
I just love dressing up for Easter but of course that is not the most important thing happening that day! Don't forget to to remember why we celebrate Easter and take time to hang out with your family (of course look adorable doing it!)

Have a moment? Decorate some Easter Eggs with your family!

XOXO ~Jackie

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